Aries AdvantEDGE Headache Rack


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Aries AdvantEDGE Headache Rack

Product Details

There are a lot of trucks out there, and setting yourself apart means going outside the lines, thinking outside the box and living life on the edge. The Aries AdvantEDGE headache rack offers a unique look and extra protection for your pickup truck. It is distinguished by two key features: a 5 1/2 inch wide, eight-sided tube profile and an all-aluminum construction. Armed with a rock-solid mounting system, an octagonal grid center section and two finish options, the AdvantEDGE headache rack has your back. The all-aluminum construction allows it to protect your truck cab and easily resist the elements. Unlike the more common round and square tube frames of most headache racks, it is built with an octagonal tube profile. This not only supplies it with strength but also offers a look that better complements the style of modern pickups. Because it is made entirely from aluminum, the AdvantEDGE headache rack is also very lightweight and completely resilient to rust. The AdvantEDGE headache rack also features a unique track mounting system along the top edge of the upper tube. This provides a flexible mounting point for aftermarket lights, such as an LED light bar or works lights, as well as tie-down anchors and other accessories. The AdvantEDGE headache rack is available in two finish options -- carbide black powder coat or chrome powder coat -- for a custom look to complement the style of your vehicle. Installation of the AdvantEDGE headache rack is easy with its patent-pending anchor system. The stake pocket mounting system anchor to the walls of your truck bed with no drilling required, and it provides dependable strength and rigidity for the headache rack (NOTE: Headache rack may interfere with rear-facing cameras). AdvantEDGE is available for several different pickup truck makes and models, and perfectly complements our other AdvantEDGE accessories, including the AdvantEDGE bull bar and AdvantEDGE side bars.

  • Headache rack may interfere with rear-facing cameras
  • Unique, eight-sided tube profile to complement the style of modern trucks
  • Topside track accepts LED lights, tie-down anchors or other accessories
  • Stake pocket mounting system for simple, secure installation
  • Extruded, all-aluminum construction to be strong, lightweight and rust-free
  • Tough carbide black powder coat finish for maximum corrosion resistance
  • Stamped aluminum, octagonal grid center section for a distinct look
  • Made to complement other ARIES AdvantEDGE accessories
  • Five-year limited warranty


Finish Black Powder Coat
Material Aluminum
Warranty Five Years Limited